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Nitrogen Generators

Pressure : 8-200 bar

Purity : 99,9999 %


Genatek is a company that works in the industry and machinery sector with its dynamic, innovative, reliable, technological and high quality service approach.
Our aim is to provide our customers with the most ideal machinery and equipment with reasonable price and high quality.
Our company's main product and service areas; compressor, compressed air, nitrogen generator, oxygen generator, nitrogen production plant, power generation generators, industrial automation, LV panel manufacturing, qualified contracting, technical consultancy.


- Oil and gas

- Mining

- Aviation

- Chemical

- Pharmaceutical Industry

- Electronic

- Food

- Laser Cutting

- Maritime

- Metallurgy

- Plastic Based Production

- Agriculture

- Seafood

- Welding and cutting

- Glass Production

- Porcelain Production

- Ozone Generator

- Wastewater Treatment

- Health Sector


Nitrogen Generator

Modular type and twin tower (Twin Tower) we have two different models including. In addition to production capacity and purity according to the application area and the choice is made. In general, PSA type nitrogen generator uses many businesses.

Nitrogen Generation System

Supply air unit with the addition of the Twin Towers or modular nitrogen generators are created. Food, oil and gas,laser cutting, electronics, inert nitrogen in the atmosphere as well as need in the production system are used. You can contact our engineers for the elaboration of a system you need.

Membrane Nitrogen Generation System

With the combination of membrane nitrogen generator and compressed air unit created. High capacity and low purity of the desired membrane systems are preferred by businesses.

Oxygen Generator

Modular oxygen generators 96% purity oxygen producing. In addition, more high purity oxygen generator oxygen purity of 99.5 for businesses who need a tower type we have producing oxygen.

Oxygen Production System

Modular type or twin tower (twin tower) oxygen generators are facilities that are built with. The oxygen storage capacity of the system are assigned according to the needs of enterprises. Of equipment that make up a backup system is recommended.

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