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Twin Tower Oxygen Generators - 95 % Purity

Tower Type PSA Oxygen Generators are designed for enterprises with high oxygen consumption. They are manufactured in a form to withstand heavy working conditions.


Basic differences compared to Modular Oxygen Generators;


Size is greater than:

Twin Tower oxygen generators are larger than our modular generators.


Manufacturing Steel Molecular Sieve Tanks:

Because of the resistance-resistance rules of pressure vessels, the molecular sieve tanks are manufactured from aluminum instead of aluminum.The remaining valves, valves, piping, air and oxygen tanks are made of stainless steel.


Capacity increase:

While the capacities of the Modular Oxygen Generators can be increased, the capacity of Twin Tower Oxygen Generators cannot be increased.

Twin Tower Oksijen Jeneratörü

If you have a business that is open to development, you can get support from our engineers when making the capacity calculation.


Please contact us for capacity information, catalog and technical documents.

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