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Twin Tower Oxygen Generators - 99,5 % Purity

In the system based on a two-stage molecular separation process, the remaining nitrogen, argon and other pollutant gases are separated after the first stage.


This technology provides an ultra-high purity of oxygen (99.5%).


Technical information


  • 99% or 99.5% oxygen purity

  • 6 or 10 bar Oxygen outlet pressure,

(No additional pressure booster required)

  • High resolution 15 "or 5" touch screen.

  • Front panel made of tempered glass that combines aesthetics and durability.

  • Process control panel with innovative calibration system.


Capacity:                     2 - 600 Nm3 / h

Inlet Air Pressure:      7.5 - 10 bar


Scope of Applications


Metal Industry

Oxygen Cutting

Laser Cutting



All sectors where high purity is needed.


If you have a business that is open to development, you can get support from our engineers when making the capacity calculation.


Please contact us for capacity information, catalog and technical documents.

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