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We; industrial, medical sectors that operate in dynamic, innovative, reliable, technologically advanced and high quality service approach, we are working with a multinational company !

And experience in technical elements of the projects we have undertaken from the beginning of Keeping Up to termination, we work with excellent cooperation and team spirit. Every project of ours and we have realized that you are not compromising on quality while serving with the approach to and at every stage we aim to the world standards in all the details.


With the same superior expertise and deep experience in different areas, while serving our corporate adds value to every new project that we have completed, we believe that the new accumulation. We get to serve at the highest level of success by targeting each new institution, and each new individual joins us as an indispensable part of this chain of values.

Our ability and our power to be a pioneer in the world of intelligence, we are constantly renewing ourselves.

Mission and Vision

Behind all our activities lies in the confidence; with our products by adhering to appropriate quality standards and delivery terms to our customers we provide the same principle for years. We believe that this accumulation over time brings confidence.

Our main goal is transparency and reliability based on long-term professional relationships and build those relationships to keep them alive.

Our team of highly skilled professionals with the appropriate nitrogen or oxygen generators to our clients develop, design and produce a solution by taking into account all the special needs that are required to we're here.

Understand the needs of our customers, to make the right choice for your specific needs, new technologies, our products reflect our basic philosophy.

Intended use and environment conditions by taking into account our clients can achieve maximum efficiency with minimum maintenance and operating costs of systems that we recommend.


The integrated system operates with a niggling genatek.

For more information, please contact us directly.

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ISO9001:2008 DNV

ISO13485:2004 DNV

ISO14001:2004 IQNET

ISO14001:2004 RINA


TS 12426

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