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Oxygen Cylinder Filling Systems


  • Oil-free type compressor.

  • Specially designed for compressing oxygen and other clean, dry gases into high pressure tubes.

  • 2PS2B compressors are designed to provide a maximum filling pressure of 2200 PSIG / 152 BARG.

  • Service life is quite long.


Oil-free oxygen compressors have been specially developed for high quality requirements of safe oxygen filling.

The 2PS2B Series includes many years of design features for various industrial and military oxygen compressor applications.

These compressors are very suitable for compressing oxygen to 2200 psig and other clean, dry gases to 2200 psig.


The 2PS2B two-stage compressors use two oil-free single-acting cylinders in the vertical opposing design case. Heat exchangers, crankcase and compression cylinders are air cooled.


Ideal Compressor Capacity: 3,20 Nm3 / h.




RIX 2V compressors have a cross-head construction with completely oil-free compression. Commonly compressed gases include Oxygen, Hydrogen, Argon, Helium, Nitrogen, Air, Natural Gas, CO2, Hydrocarbon mixtures and a variety of other rare gases.


The cylinders are single acting and air cooled. It can be produced as water cooled. Water cooled heat exchangers are also available. Continuous piston tabs ensure maximum sealing and long life. Various Teflon based materials are available for different applications.


Ideal Compressor Capacity: 16.98 Nm3 / h.




It has a secure design for industrial and military compressor applications.4V4B high Pressure Oxygen Compressors are designed to provide a maximum of 3000 PSIG / 207 BARG filling pressure for oxygen and other inert dry gases.

It is a 4-stage compressor that uses four oil-free, single-acting cylinders with dür V 4 type crossover crankcase design.

The heat exchangers, crankcase and compression cylinders are air-cooled 3. and 4th stage pistons move freely to ensure easy piston and ring change without dismantling the cylinder or piston rod.Replacing the floating piston assembly typically requires only 30 minutes.


Ideal Compressor Capacity: 32.00 Nm3 / h.

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