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Containerized Oxygen Generator Systems

The oxygen purity, pressure, capacity you need did you decide? If yes, now also system design.


How would you get your oxygen production system?


GENATEK manufactures systems that are placed inside the container according to the needs of the users.


Container type systems have less footprint in terms of structure.

Standard container systems - 20C / + 55C are manufactured in accordance with the work.


If requested, they can be manufactured for different environmental conditions.


  • Easy to ship.

  • Resistant to harsh conditions.

  • It is not affected by high temperature and cold.

  • Modular or configurable with Twin Tower Oxygen Generator.

  • It provides the possibility of producing 96% or 99.5% purity oxygen.

  • Standard oxygen outlet pressure 6.5 bar.

  • Provides higher output pressure if requested.(20-40-150-200 bar)

  • Tube filling system with the addition of the tube offers the possibility.


Standard Equipment List


Air Compressor

Filter Group

Air Dryer

Dry Air Tank

Oxygen Generator

Oxygen Sensor

Oxygen Mix Gas Tank

Oxygen High Purity Gas Tank

Automatic Drain Valve Group

Color Touch Screen

Automatic Control Module

Power Distribution Board

Heat and Moisture Insulated Container

Air Heater Aparey

Air Handling Unit

Clean Air Inlet Outlet

Konteyner Tip Azot Jeneratörü

Optional Equipment List


Wet Air Tank

Activated Carbon Tower

Remote Intervention - Service System

Indoor Oxygen Level Measurement System

Oxygen Medium Pressure Compressor

Oxygen High Pressure Compressor

Oxygen High Pressure Tank

Tube Filling Ramp

Oxygen Tube and Valve



All productions can be made into ISO 20 or ISO 40 containers.


GENATEK recommends the installation of critical equipment in the original and redundant configuration.

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