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Twin Tower Nitrogen Generator

Tower Type PSA Nitrogen Generators are designed for enterprises with high nitrogen consumption. They are manufactured according to heavy duty conditions.


Low Energy Consumption

At the basis of PSA Nitrogen Generators design, it has the ability to produce with minimum energy at maximum capacity. With its design principle, it is still the most efficient.


High Reliability

The first class components, stainless steel process piping and valve bodies are equipped with PLC which is suitable for working under heavy conditions.


Easy Fleet Management

With the same components for the entire model range, you don't need to have a wide variety of spare parts stock. This provides ease of maintenance with the condition.


It is safe

Security is the main goal for GENATEK. PED 97/23 / CE or ASME Sec certifications guarantee the safety of PSA Nitrogen Generators. VIII, Div. 2nd.



All PSA Nitrogen Generators have the privilege to work in difficult conditions to guarantee the production of the amount of nitrogen demanded by the customer.


Ensures constant nitrogen purity. (With gas evacuation module)

As in the case of tower type nitrogen generators, it does not send the produced gas directly to the product tank. The gas released from the Modular Nitrogen Generator first goes to the mixture gas tank.The mixture returns to the Modular Nitrogen Generator in the gas tank. The purity in the mixture gas tank is continuously measured. If the purity is at the desired value or above, the gas is sent to the product tank. If the purity is below the desired value, the gas is thrown into the atmosphere or sent to the dry air tank with additional pressurization system in different applications.

Feeding Air Pressure = 7.0 bar (g)

Nitrogen Output Pressure = 6.0 bar (g) 
Nitrogen Dew = <-40 ° C

CAUTION: The flow rates in the table above can be easily doubled to two or three times.

Feeding Air Pressure = 10.0 bar (g)

Nitrogen Output Pressure = 8.0 bar (g) 
Nitrogen Dew = <-40 ° C

CAUTION: The flow rates in the table above can be easily doubled to two or three times.

Dimensions and Weight

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