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Modular Oxygen Generators

Forget all the oxygen generators you know!


Our Differences;


  • Oxygen generator and the rest of the system is stainless.

  • Capacity of our production system can be increased.

  • Our system gives continuous constant oxygen purity.

  • Produces 96% pure Oxygen.


This unique product redefines standards in terms of flexibility, quality and efficiency.


It has stainless (aluminum) molecular sieve tanks.

It ensures trouble-free operation over the years.There will be no clogging of the pneumatic valves as there will be no rusting in the inner wall. In this way, pneumatic valves do not need to be opened and cleaned regularly every six months or repair kit need to be renewed.


Oxygen production capacity can be increased.

You do not need to purchase a new system to meet your future oxygen needs. You can increase the production capacity of our Modular Oxygen Generators by adding additional molecular sieve banks or dual-Bank oxygen generators without a control panel. You do not need to send your system to the factory to increase the capacity.


Although Dual-Benches have the same structure as the standard Modular oxygen generators, there is no control unit. Dual-Bank added systems are controlled by the control panel of the main generator. A single cable connection is sufficient for this. Dual-Bank transmits power and control signals via this cable.


Ensures constant oxygen purity.

As in the case of tower type oxygen generators, it does not send the produced gas directly to the product tank. The gas exiting the modular oxygen generator first goes to the mixture gas tank. The mixture returns to the modular oxygen generator from the gas tank. The purity in the mixture gas tank is continuously measured. If the purity is at the desired value or above, the gas is sent to the product tank. If the purity is below the desired value, the gas is thrown into the atmosphere or sent to the dry air tank with additional pressurization system in different applications.


Small size.

They have a minimum footprint. All our modular oxygen generators are 56 cm wide and 164 cm high.Depth of capacity varies from 73 cm to 208 cm.

Modüler Oksijen Jeneratörü

Unlimited Flexibility

You can control more than one Modular Oxygen Generator from a single control center. Thus, all generators operate synchronously; At the same time pressurized and mirror will do the discharge.


Low Energy Consumption

The energy value per unit m3 is lower than other oxygen generators.

At the basis of PSA Oxygen Generators design, it has the ability to produce with minimum energy with maximum capacity. With its design principle, it is still the most efficient.

High Reliability

The first class components, stainless steel process piping and valve bodies are equipped with PLC which is suitable for working under heavy conditions.


Easy Spare Parts Management

With the same components for the entire model range, you don't need to have a wide variety of spare parts stock. Provides ease of maintenance with this condition.


It is safe

Security is the main goal for GENATEK. PED 97/23 / CE or ASME Sec certifications guarantee the safety of PSA Nitrogen Generators. VIII, Div. 2nd.



All PSA Oxygen Generators have the privilege to operate in difficult conditions to guarantee the production of oxygen demanded by the customer.

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